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by gorgonsteel at 1:48 PM
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Hello everyone! Welcome to NorHood!

NorHood is a unique minecraft server that are built up after the user's interests. We do not charge for fly ability or more game modes. We do not lock players out because they can't pay a lot to unlock features and we do not have any form for "Pay To Win". We want everyone to play and have fun for free. Because of our special sponsors and unique server management, we do not need hundreds of dollars to keep our server and website up and running. We will not shut down because of financing. You can safely play on our server.

Here at NorHood we want to have a safe and family-friendly community. We have special-trained staff members to handle bullying, hate, racism and will take action when needed. We also have powerful plugins to make your game-play unique. Our server is a creative server, but it is a little different from most other creative servers. We do not use plots because flat worlds are boring. We want fun, right? That's why we added...