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Version: 1.7.9
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New website update!

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 5 days ago

We have now fixed the spambot bug, and deleted all spam-accounts. If your account was by a mistake, please re-register. We are sorry if we deleted your account. Mister_Fix also updated the website code to make it faster and more stable.


Thank you for understanding, and happy browsing! smile

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Spambot problem on our website

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 8 days ago

We are aware of the issue with registration not blocking spambots. Please be pasient while we solve the issue. Thank you for understanding.

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Registration enabled!

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 11 days ago

The registration for the website have been enabled!

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Registration is disabeled

By Developer Mister_Fix Posted 12 days ago

Hello fellow Minecrafters, i have disabeled registration for this website for some time because of the spambot attack on the following domains: norhood.net, norhood.com. i apologize for the incovinience.


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Mantiance, why?

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 15 days ago

As you probably know, the server have been in mantiance mode for a while now. The reason for this are that i am rendering the server map for the website. The server map can be found on http://norhood.com/map and are avalible to everyone. Enjoy!

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Please remember to vote for us!

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 16 days ago

Voting is one of the best things you can do to the server. When you vote, more people will be able to see our server and may join. To make it worth voting every single day, you will recive 25 Diamonds ingame. 4 diamonds each page. Please vote for us and help to make the community larger.


Thank you!

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Welcome to the new website!

By Owner gorgonsteel Posted 18 days ago


This is our new website coded by Mister_Fix. Here can you message other players, vote for our server, read server news and get cool offers.


Head over to http://norhood.com/freestuff to get cool offers.

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